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outdoor cushion covers Adding Dynamics With a Coloured Floor funny cushion covers

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Two different coloured woods adds natural tones to floors, without them becoming one huge expanse of wood.

Used reclaimed wood to make a modern style parquet floor. Chevron patterns are idealoutdoor cushion covers, enabling you to use small pieces of wood rather than large planks or boards. Giving them a distressed paint finish not only adds colour it also provides a natural worn look.

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The typical interior design practice is a vibrant, forward thinking and dynamic place to be. The common misconception is that interior design companies are full of would-be artist geniuses, all with a God complex, all fixed on “their vision”! The reality could not be further from the truth- fantastic television he might be, Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen is not industry typical! In truth, all good interior design companies focus very strongly on “the team”.

This is an easy and amazing project for new born babies!

Chiara and Irene from One O Textile are here with a fun tutorial for how to make confetti party invitations. I love this idea so much I think I’d find a way to use them for every occasion. Are confetti cards a bit too much for a Thinking of You card? Heck, no. Thank you card? No better way to say thanks than with confetti. Mother’s Day card? You are definitely her favorite.

personalized gift for kids