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outdoor cushion covers Adios Modesty! Explore Your Eccentric Side With These Unconventional Furnitures pillow covers floral

Author: admin Updated: 2019-09-28 20:24 Views: 173

Let’s focus on these features first.

Tall, dark, and handsome.

linen pillow covers

Short, wide, and old.

Thin, heavy, light, blackoutdoor cushion covers, brown, white, yellow, cheap, pricy, glamorous, and dull; our favorite word is glamorous. You will know why soon.

No, we are not talking about a man but furniture’s. Yes, Furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. ?Hardly anyone would like to buy ugly looking furniture for their home because why should you? Your house is your pride and good looking furniture make or break the appeal of a house. And the appeal goes higher if you custom design your pieces (Pepperfry offers this service) and create something unique and one of a kind. Exciting right?

Yet, there are many people out there who prefer repairing their furniture once they are worn out. Budget can be factor but mostly it’s laziness. Old furniture can be easy to upgrade, but high quality furniture may require the kind of specialized repair that does not come cheap. So why not just replace? And if you are going to replace it, why not opt for glamorous pieces which will make your guests eyes pop? ?And we aren’t talking about the cheap, gaudy type of pieces but classy, elegant and absolutely stunner kinds.

Do we have your attention? Great. Read to glimpse and know our top recommendation for glamorous furniture pieces which will make you the neighbors envy.


Why to go for a simple bed when you can have this majestic looking piece? This one in sheesham wood, in colors of mahogany, natural, walnut, looks unconditionally beautiful and will take your breath away with its simple yet elite beauty. The carving on the headrest looks royal and majestic, without being too ornate and at the risk of looking antique in today’;s world.

Check out the entire range here.


Forget the regular and dull brown, black and beige colored sofa and go for this gorgeous orange set. It will add that dash of color and personality to your living room and not to forget, make your guests seethe in envy.

Check out the entire range here.

Dining Table

Dapper-up your living room area with this eye-catchy dining table. With a sturdy base structure and copper fitting, this is a perfect living room accessory. Made of the exquisite mango wood with fold-able legs, it is a gorgeous addition to your interiors.

Check out the entire range here.

Book Shelf

This sunny work of art from Rajasthan serves perfectly as a book cabinet due to its pointed dividers. Made from mango wood this is not only storage collectable but, has multiple uses. It can serve as a mini bar or a showcasing cabinet to display your belongings.

Check out the entire range here.

Bed Room Set

Looking for a compact yet functional for your child or maybe even you? Go for this Bedroom Set in Walnut Light as it’s the perfect combination of funky and functionality. This set comes with a Study Table, Cushioned Chair, Wardrobe, steps and bed of 3 feet x 6 feet without mattress.

Check out the entire range here.

Wardrobe ?

Pink is the color to be reckoned with! This quirky yet beautifully made almirah in in mango wood will lure all the girls and the ladies to have this in their room. Complete with 1 door and six drawers, this wooden almirah will cheer you up just at a glance.

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There is no way around it. Unless you want your home covered in poop, you will have to wrap your baby’s bottom in a diaper. But buying diapers isn’t cheap. If you are on a budget then buying disposable diapers feels like this:

Last week we completed our instructions for Erika’s Sunrise Baby Quilt, so maybe you’re wondering why we’re posting again for Week 5. Maybe you’re thinking, “I finished my quilt and it’s totally cute! What more is there to do?”

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