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Every season, we love exploring new color palettes, and for Fall 2016, we were inspired by jewel tones. There’;s something about them that just feels so cozyoutdoor cushion covers, welcoming, and luxe. And who doesn’;t look forward to a little luxuryonce the colder months come around? Candlelit dinners, fireside chats, cashmere sweaters, and leather boots?Consider us in! And for an evening like that, we think you need to spend it in a room like the jewel toned living room in our Fall 2016 catalog. Get the look below:

Shop all of the pieces in this room:

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Tate Sofa in Queens Velvet Emerald

Octavia Bookcase in Dark Olive

Southern Oaks FramedCanvas

Lattice Jute Rug

Felicity Acrylic Coffee Table

Athena Sculpture

Infinity Sculpture

Claire Chandelier in Etruscan Gold

Leather Pouf in Moss

Pillows in Queens Velvet Leaf, Signature Velvet Deep Teal, and Soho Velvet Lemongrass

Find moreGet the Looks, or browse ourPinterest boardsfor more inspiration!

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