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One of the best things about our business is that we constantly get emails from our customers inquiring about how to make a certain hankie craft. Often we already have the hanky craft already availableto our customers but sometimes we don’t. This is one that we didn’t.

Susan from Pennsylvania contacted me a month ago and wrote “Jennifer, thank you so much for providing excellent craft tutorials. I made your hankie bunny last Easter and itturned out GREAT! This year, I would like to make a Spring hankie wreath to match. Any suggestions?” After giving it some thought, I came up with these easy to follow instructions.

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Hope you enjoy it!

The materials for the handkerchief wreath is one 6″ embroidery hoopoutdoor cushion covers, 15 coordinating ladies handkerchiefs, 15 small rubber bands (I “stole” my daughter’s rainbow loom rubber bands) and 5/8″ ribbon (approximately 4 feet long).

First you are going to separate the embroidery hoop into two separate pieces. For this craft we are only using the hoop that does not have the metal bracket on it. We will save the other side for a different craft (hopefully coming soon).

Next you are going to fold one of the handkerchiefs into fourths. Orient the hankie so that the “center” of the hankie is facing the top right.

(Optional step:Beforefolding each handkerchief into fourths, starch and iron your handkerchiefs. A stiffer handkerchief will hang a little better, especially at the top of the hanky wreath)

Next you will takethe top left corner of the hankie and fold it diagonally down to meet roughly in the center.

Take the bottom right corner of the hanky and diagonally fold it up to meet approximately in the center also. The sides will overlap slightly.

You are now going to attach the handkerchief to the hoop. Lay the hoop on top of your handkerchief (approximately 1/3of the way down from the point)

Fold the point over and around the hoop.

Use one of the small rubber bands to wrap aroundboth sides of the handkerchief. I looped the handkerchief twice but depending on your rubber band size, you may need to loop it around multiple times.

If done correctly, it should look like this.

Repeat the above steps with the next handkerchief.

And the next…

Continue to repeat the above steps on all the remaining handkerchiefs. In my case, I’m alternating between the two different handkerchiefs that I’m using for this craft.

(Editor’s note: You do not have to use the same handkerchiefs. You can mix and match depending on your tastes)

Repeat until all the handkerchiefs have been used. Flip over the hanky wreath.

You are going to finish the handkerchief wreath with ribbon. The ribbon will fill in the gaps between the hankies on the wreath and also add a nice finishing touch.

First you are going to take a coordinating ribbon and tie it around one of the hankies, leaving approximately a one foot ribbon tail.

Next you are going to wind the ribbon around andin between each of the hankys.

Once you have finished winding the ribbon around the entire wreath, tie off the ribbon where you started and then tie a bow. Trim the ribbontails to your desired length.

Voila! Isn’t this spring hankie wreath lovely?

(Editor’s note: I also made a larger wreath,using an 8″ embroidery hoop. For this wreath I used 17 handkerchiefs and made the handkerchiefs a little more compact by placing the folded hankie a little farther down underneath the embroidery hoop- step 4)

15 vintage inspired hankies{Bumblebee Linens}15 small rubber bands1 6″ embroidery hoop {Michaels}4 feet ribbon (5/8″ thick)

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