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outdoor cushion covers How to Watercolor Paint A Butterfly customized gifts for mom

Author: admin Updated: 2020-03-31 08:01 Views: 140

I just passed the 50 day mark in my Painting a Day Challenge for 2017. I’;ve done over 50 paintings this year guys!! That feels amazing. I’;ve started to hear from some of you that you wish that you could paint (and you can!!) so I’;ve started developing a series of easy beginner projects. Here is a quick video about how to paint watercolor butterflies that I shot on my phone for fun. My favorite part about this project is that it is a really simple way to learn how watercolor paint reacts and mixes depending on how much water you use and where.

If you try some and post them on Instagram or Facebook, please tag me so I can see! It was basically my happiest moment in life when I got to see some butterflies painted using my tutorial this weekend.

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After my butterflies driedoutdoor cushion covers, I cut them out, bent their wings in and stuck them to the wall with double stick tape. They are so pretty for a spring party or just for everyday happiness.

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personalized gift for kids