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Author: admin Updated: 2020-03-29 23:58 Views: 202

Hi everyone =)

I know it’;s been a while since posting, however we’;ve been busy with the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Rebecca. She’;s truly our pride and joy. It took a few weeks to become acclimated as new parents, and so far we are holding down the fort =) So for now, my posts will be short and sweetoutdoor cushion covers, but hopefully very informative =)

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Today, I want to share with you how to pill (remove lint from) a sweater. I have this sweater that I absolutely love and I wore it to death BEFORE, DURING and now AFTER my pregnancy…;.it’;s one of those stretchy knitted type sweaters that keep you warm! So, needless to say, after bazillion washings, it became embarrassingly full of lint. During my pregnancy, I didn’;t care if it looked bad because you know how few comfortable clothes you have while pregnant. However, what’;s my excuse now? So here’;s what you do…;..

Get yourself a NEW two-blade razor and start shaving…;..going along the grain of the sweater. Using one hand, stretch the sweater a bit to prevent any nicks, and shave with the other hand. If the razor gets clogged with lint, just use a toothbrush to clean the blades. Easy peasy!

Here’;s my linty sweater…;embarrassing, isn’;t it?

…;…;Here, I am shaving away…;.

…;…;…;…;now the lint is all gone (yeah, I also have to restitch that loose thread on my button…;.my baby was big, what can I say!)

Happy lint removing!

This stroller, made from recycled, non-toxic plastic bottles, is great for getting around with kids between 6 months and 4 years old, according to Sylvana Ward-Durrett, the co-founder and chief executive officer of children’s gear website Maisonette. “It’s super lightweight and comfortable for your child, making an on-the-go parent’s life so much easier,” she says. The built-in canopy shelters kids from light drizzles, and an attachable rain cover (sold separately) made from breathable, non-toxic materials can easily be slipped on when those drizzles turn into a downpour. (The cover folds into a small pouch that hooks onto the stroller’s frame, keeping it at arm’s reach when you need it.)

Welcome back to the Vintage Dress-Along! We’re sewing vintage dresses together, and this is our last week of sewing. The first half, where we constructed the body of the dress, is here—there’s still time to join the dress-along!

When it comes to decorating your home very last place that is actually decorated is normally the hallway, it is a fact that was most people spend time and money decorating other rooms in the home, the entrance hall is normally overlooked. The entrance hall is the opening to your house and the way it is decorated will say something not only about you but your home as well.

personalized gift for kids