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outdoor cushion covers Modern Monochromatic Cornucopia customized gifts for mom

Author: admin Updated: 2020-04-27 01:17 Views: 75

You know that we love a can of spray paint around here. We’;ve spray painted everything from Fall wreaths, to paper maché end tables,? from Goodwill play kitchens, to bat-mobiles over the years. And now we’;ve painted the Autumn stapleoutdoor cushion covers, the cornucopia. Too far?

I love the symbolism of the horn of plenty but it’;s traditional styling has always steered me away from incorporating one in my holiday decor. By painting the classic elements, a woven horn and plastic fruit, all one color, the cornucopia becomes down-right stylish. I went with white but I’;d love to see one in pale pink, cream, or butter yellow.

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Here’;s how we made ours…;

1. Lay out a cornucopia and a selection of plastic fruit, and dry foliage like wheat. Spray paint with paint designed for covering plastic without an additional primer coat.2. Allow to dry, turn and finish up painting.3. Weigh down cornucopia with a stone, add a styrofoam ball to fill cone, and hot glue fruit and foliage in place. Add another coat of paint if necessary.

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personalized gift for kids