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outdoor cushion covers New York Magazine’s Low Lift Home Improvements for Under $100 INCLUDING Improvised Life’s Big Fat Idea geometric cushion covers

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How swell to see Improvised Life mentioned in New York Magazine’;s 31 Low Lift Home Improvements for Under $100; DIY Donald Judd tables, $7 backsplash panels, and black toilet seats.

We knew they were using Improvised Life as a reference about how to make Judd-inspired furnitureoutdoor cushion covers, but didn’;t imagine they’;d link to us. Yay. We’;ve got a lot of great info about how to think about making Judd-style furniture…;.

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The How and Why of Donald Judd’s Brilliant Plywood Tables

DIY: Cracking the Code of a Donald Judd Table

Sleeping like Donald Judd in Low-to-the Floor Beds, with Details and Plans

Formula for a DIY Donald Judd-esque Sofa

Donald Judd Table /

There are lots of useful ideas to steal from New York Magazine’;s roundup, including our tried-and-true Noguchi-esque paper shades and leaning mirrors to expand a room. We especially like this extra-long cord of a pendant light made into a graphical pattern…;.

New York Magazine

…;And a clear-pink Plexiglass table top.

New York Magazine

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Finding an item at a swap, on the curb, or at a garage sale that would normally go in the trash or is no longer wanted and turning it into a piece of art is so much fun!? This is exactly what?Natassa Blazaki did with a container she found, she saw what it could be, not what it just was… the?Altered Art Sailboat was born…

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