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outdoor cushion covers Starting From The Ground Up! 6- How Do You Keep Rugs In Good Condition- funny cushion covers

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We have revealed a lot to you about the rugs available and in our final post we will be rounding up the information to help you choose the perfect rug; before we do though, we want to share with you how to keep your proposed purchase in the best condition for a very long time. Without proper care and cleaning, you stand less chance in keeping your rug for a long time.

Being on the floor, rugs do tend to compete with dirtoutdoor cushion covers, high traffic and other types of abuse. Rugs are walked upon on a daily basis, they are subjected to all kinds of dirt, dust, spills and moisture (especially when used in bathrooms or by the kitchen sink). There might come a day when you think your beautiful rug has started to fade and lose its vibrant colours - don't despair those as it is more likely that it just needs a good old wash!

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The longer the pile, the more dirt can become deeply pushed into the rug and therefore cleaning on a regular basis is of utmost importance. The care and cleaning of a rug also includes the use of rug pads or anti-slip matting; if you choose to go without then your rug can incur more damage from shifting around, being tripped over etc. A rug pad will not only keep the rug in place but it can help to protect the underside.

Another little tip with the regards of looking after your rug is to rotate them from time to time. This will stop one side of the rug from becoming faded by the sun or high traffic and the other side taking on a different appearance in comparison. A vacuum will become one of your rug's best friends when it comes to keeping it in tip top condition.

Always be aware that some types of rugs such as the Flokati are best not hoovered and simply shaken outdoors from time to time; later using a gentle comb to remove deeper dirt and residue. With rugs that are too large to be shaken alone by hand, try throwing them over a washing line outdoors and patting them with the back of a garden spade or such object that will not damage it – old fashioned wicker carpet beaters are ideal! There is no limit to how often you vacuum, with many rug retailers agreeing on a daily basis for optimum results. However, when you have a lot on your hands it is fine to just hoover every other day or twice weekly.

Once yearly or more often if your rug is in a high traffic area, you should seek out a professional rug cleaner to do a thorough and deep clean. For certain types of rugs that are of high value such as Persian, Chinese and Indian rugs - a professional cleaner should be used as often as money can afford to help keep it in its best condition for longer.

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This week we're going to share some tips and hints on how to give a quick boost to your home using a variety of different easy techniques and soft furnishings. We begin with the use of fabrics as an effective way to breathe new life in any or all of your rooms. Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the best, cushions covers in a new pattern and colour can easily change the look of a sofa and chairs. Include throws and cheap curtains in the mix and you'll soon have your living room taking on a new fresh look.

In this Instructable, I show how to use a vector drawing program (I use Adobe Illustrator) to design a wall quilt, how to use that drawing to create templates (I laser cut mine) and how to use the templates to applique and quilt a wall quilt.

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