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outdoor cushion covers Starting From The Ground Up! 7- Buying The Perfect Rug For You funny cushion covers

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To bring our series on rugs to an end, we have rounded up our best advice to help you choose the perfect rug or rugs for your home. Probably the best advice we can give is to browse rugs online where the designs are limitless - budget is importantoutdoor cushion covers, but for the first time browsing try to forget your budget and discover rugs that attract you the most; then you have an idea of what you really want.

You might find that the design you love the most is too expensive in a natural fibre for example, but at least you can try to find a similar design using a cheaper fabric.

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Create a cohesive paint palette for your home that flows from one room to another. Get the best cream paint color names for every room and lighting situation.

After sharing our laundry room makeover, I received an incredibly kind comment from an obviously sweet reader asking why I sometimes seem apologetic about my style. It’s true. I have been apologetic, but not so much about my style, but how I have worried about hurting the previous owner’s feelings with my blog. When we purchased our home, I announced on the blog that we had purchased a “fixer upper”. I know this term can interpreted differently, but to me, it is. We knew when we purchased the home that in addition to extensive remodeling & updates that we’d have to invest in significant amount into?maintenance. Honestly, I never intended to hurt their feelings, but I also shouldn’t apologize for being honest with both myself & you. It’s always my goal to be authentic. The moral of the story is that I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the comment. Your feedback is so?important to me. So if you see something you like, dislike, want to add to the conversation, etc,?please let me know by leaving a comment! This blog is a place for conversation to take place & I’d love to get to know you better! Oh, &?if you have a moment, stop by & take my reader survey for a chance to win a compilation of my favorite things! Onto brass…

personalized gift for kids