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outdoor cushion covers THANKSGIVING WITH A NORTHERN TWIST linen pillow covers

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Thanksgiving preparations are in full swing by now, and we hope you’re enjoying the cheerful holiday mood already. We’ve shared some traditional recipes on our last blog post, and today we’re inviting you to try something slightly different. Our team members (or family, as we oftentimes say) and friends are sharing their seasonal favorites for you to experiment and enjoy.

Just? is the digital mind in our family, and she admits to be in love with Lithuanian fall mainly because of its mesmerizing color palette. Longer, chillier evenings encourage her to stay cozied-up at homeoutdoor cushion covers, testing new recipes, revisiting favorite ones, and, of course, sharing her kitchen adventures with the most loved ones. This curd pie with pears is simplicity at its finest – easy to bake, it always creates a festive atmosphere. And those peeking pear stems always remind of birthday candles, don’t they?

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In photo: Forest Green Chef Apron

What we’ll need:

For the crust:

– 250 gr flour– 50 gr sugar– 120 gr cold butter– 1 egg– 1 tablespoon ice-cold water

For the pears:

– 5-6 small, sturdy pears– 300 ml water– 50 gr sugar– Generous pinch of vanilla

For the filling:

– 500 gr dessert curd– 100 gr sugar– 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar (or a pinch of vanilla)– 2 eggs

Let’s get going:

In photo: Thin Black Stripe Kitchen Towel

Laura is our dear friend and the architect of one our shops, and her creativity often extends to her kitchen. She’s sharing a very special – and quite unique – recipe with us today: her great-grandmother’s cabbage pie, which originated in Siberia. Once Laura’s mom came to Lithuania, she brought the recipe with her, and now it’s mostly Laura herself who bakes it. This pie is very filling and warming – perfect for the cold season, thus is mostly cooked through fall and winter.

In photo: Meerkat Tablecloth

What we’ll need:

For the dough:

– 200 gr butter– 200 ml sour cream (30%-40% fat)– 250 g kefir– 25 tablespoons flour– 0.5 teaspoon baking powder

For the filling:

– ½; small cabbage– 3 eggs– 1 medium onion– Oil, salt, pepper, thyme, cilantro, curry (or any other seasonings you prefer)

– 1 egg for egg wash

Let’s get going:

In photo: Meerkat Tablecloth and Natural Stripe Kitchen Towel

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personalized gift for kids