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outdoor cushion covers diy 10 DIY Kitchen Makeovers That Will Blow Your Mind pillow covers farmhouse

Author: admin Updated: 2020-01-17 09:22 Views: 132

We had a contributor post a few weeks ago with an amazing kitchen makeover and it really got me in the DIY kitchen mood. We are in the early planning stages of giving our kitchen a massive overhaul and seeing what she did really got my creative juices flowing. We love the changes we made a few years ago (here is our painted cabinet tutorial and kitchen reveal part oneand part twoif you want to check out all the changes we made). But this time around our plan is to take down walls and change the footprint. Big and exciting stuff y'all…;a huge DIY kitchen makeover! I am seriously obsessed right now with looking at kitchens, so naturally I wanted to share my favorites I have found with y'all. You are not going to believe the before and after photos in these posts. SO inspiring! They are giving me all kinds of ideas about my dream kitchen.

Remodelando la Casacreatedthisbeautiful DIY kitchen and it was a work in stages. Cristina kept making small changes until she was happy and the finished product is amazing!

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Rachel fromMaison de Paxis making my heart sing with this DIY kitchen. The marble tile is AMAZING, and y'all know I love gray cabinets! And if you ever wondered about gold hardware with gray, well wonder no moreoutdoor cushion covers diy, because they are perfect.

Every inch of At Charlotte's Houseis amazing and her kitchen is no exception! I LOVE everything about it. Saying “;all white kitchen”; sounds boring, but when I look at what Charlotte has done to bring color into her white kitchen it totally changed my mind about all white!

Yellow Brick Homerenovated the kitchen of the garden apartment they rent out using IKEA. The galley kitchen was expanded and improved in a really beautiful and functional way! I love the clean design and wood countertops.

Sand and Sisalcreated the most beautiful kitchen out of a complete disaster. Kim's home flooded and ruined her kitchen. After a long renovation process, this amazing kitchen was born! Talk about making the very best out of a terrible situation!

Chris Loves Juliahasone of the most dramatic DIY kitchen makeovers in my list. You will not believe what this gorgeousness looked like before! If I didn't know better, I wouldn't know it was the same room.

Bless'er Housegave her space a fresh new feeling without doing a total makeover. She worked with what she had for her DIY kitchen renovation and the results are beautiful!

Place of My Tastehit on one of my secret dreams for a kitchen…;dark cabinets on the bottom and white on top. I LOVE this relatively new style of kitchen. Isn't it beautiful? Those floors and globe light fixture are pretty amazing too!

The DIY kitchen fromSincerely, Sara a slice of perfection. The color is a lovely neutral and all the little details (those sweet silhouettes, the sleek pulls, the subway tile, that bright rug) really comes together in a beautiful way.

Lory from DesignThusiasm did a beautiful job with her kitchen makeover. She was extremely mindful of her budget, but made very smart changes that made the room look totally new and fresh.

WhichDIY kitchen is your favorite? They are all so beautiful and really have me thinking about what I want to incorporate into our renovation. I love learning about the small changes people made that were most impactful and where they went budget versus what they really splurged on.

And before you head out, be sure to grab my free guide on how to design a room you love so that you can put it to use when you plan out your kitchen makeover :) pillow covers farmhouse

Here’s a note from Gail Garber, quilter, author, teacher, and BERNINA National Artisan:

Ummm, is it really the last day of 2014? I truly cannot believe it. WHEW! What a year it has been. I started my “little” blog at the end of October, 2013, mostly as a way to chronicle our home renovations. I thought it would be read by friends, family and few random people out in cyberspace. And then I started writing, and photographing, and POSTING. I was addicted. I had never really stopped to think before that blogging allows me to combine some of my absolute favorite things: writing, photography and DIY/crafting. I wish I had started blogging sooner. It is so cliche to say it, but blogging truly does feed my creative soul. It makes me feel alive. And even though it takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication {more than I could have ever imagined}, I genuinely love every minute of it and it never feels like “work.”

. Complete with a little baby skeleton…….and her sweet little bow.

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