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outdoor cushion covers diy 10 of the best brass beauties for the bathroom - sofa pillow covers

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Brass is back and it’s making a splash in bathroom design. The warm, bright, look-at-me alloy adds a welcome touch of glamour

The bathroom is one of the most hard-working rooms in the home, not to mention a big selling point, so it pays to give its design some decent attention. Bathroom design isn’t just about selecting a shower and/or bath, basin and toilet – there are the tiles, lighting, mirrors and storage options to consider, too.?Here we have pulled together everything you need to know about on-trend brass to get you excited about your next bathroom project– including bringing non-traditional pieces of furniture and accessories into the space – to take it from functional to fantastic.

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Floor-to-ceiling tiles are still a popular choice in bathrooms and work beautifully paired with brass accents (tiling can look flat if there is no standout feature to play off) – beautiful tapware or accessories in brass and gold would be ideal (pictures 2outdoor cushion covers diy, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11).

One of the latest trends in bathroom design is ditching the giant wall-mounted mirrors in favour of something smaller – a simple square or round brass mirror works wonderfully. Having this extra wall space then allows you to add cool light fixtures or hang an artwork; it also gives you more freedom with the placement of other items such as shelves or towel rails.

While stools or small side tables (picture 7) don’t normally make an appearance in the bathroom, we are seeing more and more non-traditional items being used. These are great for placing by the bath for clothing, bathing items or a lovely scented candle.

Navy and brass make a striking colour combo so if you are looking to add a subtle colour to this design, some navy towels (picture 12) would look stunning.

?Words by: Vanessa Nouwens.?Photography by: Maree Homer/



1. Brass chevron mosaic tiles, $39.50 a sheet, from Tile Space.


2. Notions basin mixer, $1234, from


3. Orbit 40cm brass ceiling pendant, $199, from Freedom.


4. Luci wall-hung toilet, $409.80, from


5 Vado Individual shower head in polished gold, $859; Vado Individual shower arm, $397; Vado Elements thermostatic mixer in polished gold, POA; Vado Elements robe hook, $81, all from


6. Vado Origins shower mixer in brushed gold, $683, from


7. Marble and brass table, $369, from Perch Home.


8. Bloomingville toilet-roll holder, $79, from Perch Home.


9. Garage Sugar tile, 375 x 750mm, $109.50 a square metre, from Tile Space.


10. Gold Splatter soap dish, $29, from


11. Vado Elements basin mixer in polished gold, $714, from


12. Oasis navy face cloth, $9.90, from Wallace Cotton.

If we were going to make a gingerbread house, we’d forego the Victorian thing and go modernist, living out our architectural fantasies. We typed “modernist gingerbread houses” into Google Images and found a trove. Our favorite is Kristina Hahn’s wondrous creation, The Cake Study House.??The list of?Special Features evoke stunning possibilities:

Even though the weather is deceiving, I did let the calendar motivate me for a little Halloween project.???I have to say, this is probably one of my favorite projects I have done so far.? But maybe that’s just because most of what I make is for someone else, and this is just for me.? Yay!?

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