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Roman blinds are a hybrid of a curtain and a blind. They’re flexible, practical and stylish. Here are our top reasons why we think Roman blinds are a great option. Roman shades have been around for centuries in many different forms. Today, these classic shades are available in different styles and with various options, but they all offer many of the same characteristics at the window. Roman shades are typically a fabric shade that can be raised and lowered with a pull cord. They are made in different waysoutdoor cushion covers diy, creating numerous different styles. A flat Roman shade offers a more contemporary look, while a teardrop or looped style takes a more traditional approach to the window treatment. Since Roman shades can be made out of nearly any fabric – even sheers – there is definitely one for every style and every home.Timeless and flexible styleAs the name suggest, Roman blinds have been around for centuries and have evolved in style to what we know today. It’s a classic blind style that tends not to cycle in and out of “trend” too quickly. With the right fabric choice, Roman blinds have the benefit of a long and stylish life.This type of dressing is perfect for smaller windows, which could be overwhelmed by a pair of curtains. Perfect for cottage windows, a roman blind will sit neatly within the recess without taking up any space either side of the window.Light controlAlthough Roman blinds don’t offer quite the same level of light control as blinds with tilting slats, their pleated style still allows plenty of scope between open and closed to block or let in light. What they do have over slat blinds is that because they are made of one whole piece of fabric there are no gaps for light to filter through when you really do need to block it out completely.If you have a radiator sitting directly under your window covering it with a pair of curtains will ensure that the majority of the heat produced goes up behind the curtains and sits between them and the window. A blind will cover only the window itself offering protection from draughts whilst still allowing the heat to circulate.PrivacyBeing made from one whole piece of fabric also means Roman blinds offer great privacy.A door curtain can become annoying as ease of opening and closing the door can be compromised with lots of bulky fabric in the area. A roman blind can be fixed directly onto a glazed door making life much easier.Energy efficientWhether you’re looking to keep heat out or in, properly lined Roman blinds, made from the right fabric, are a tasteful and simple solution in all seasons.AffordableAs a general rule, Roman blinds use about 25% less fabric than curtains so they’re a cheaper option.Soft lookRoman blinds add character to a window and give it a soft appearance, as opposed to other hard material options like wood blinds. Good for smaller windowsSmaller windows can be overwhelmed by curtains; Roman blinds take up no space on either side of the window.Easy to operateRoman blinds are simple to raise up and let down using cords but modern technology also allows motorised versions.

This Lap Top bag is "Suit"able for a man or woman. I made this for my Lap top with these measurements, 14" x 10" x 1-1/2". My Lap top is quite heavy and I wanted to make a sturdy bag with handles that went all the way under the lap top. You can find a good suit coat at the Thrift shop. When choosing one, make sure it doesn't smell like cigarette smoke or have any obvious stains. These Suit coats are usually not machine washable, especially the wool/tweed ones and it would be expensive to have one dry cleaned. ?Also, look at the front pockets, make sure they have flaps. The condition of the lining doesn't matter, but the lining in the pockets needs to be in good shape. Find a long sleeved mens shirt to use for the lining of the bag. Large or extra large size. I found a red/black plaid that went well with the grey suit coat. You will need 2 sheets of plastic canvas and 4 inches of hook and loop closure. Sewing machine, scissors and pins. Also, I cut up an old skirt to cover the plastic canvas. the pattern doesn't matter for this step because it is placed between the bag and lining. The bag with the purple trim was made first and I didn't like the placement of the pockets, thought they were too low, so I adjusted the next bag.

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[In the picture from viewer perspective: left=before, right=after]This is a DIY project that will teach you how to turn regular long pants into sweatpants. :) I really wanted a pair of grey sweats to wear around, but for some reason they were just a lot more expensive in stores than the other colours they sell; I decided to alter a pair of regular grey track pants that were too big for me into sweatpants-styled hems!

Create beautiful, unique, and stylish reusable wraps for gifts this holiday season in minutes using a serger. Read on to find out which stitches work best for finishing the edges, tricks for turning tubes without a bodkin, and how to serge crisp square corners without touching the presser foot.

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