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This colder weather we’;ve been having is totally sticking around.? The sun has been really bright and shiny, so I keep thinking we’;re going to have warmer days…;..but the temp is staying cool.? SO, I finally admitted that my children needed warmer clothing.?

I bought this plain little T-shirt for Chloe yesterday…;..but decided it needed a little something.

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A dainty little Peter Pan Collar…;…;..that’;s permanently attached.? With a few buttons down the front.

Ahhhhhh, now our little Coco is ready for Autumn.

But, just imagine one in your size.? With your own pair of jeans, bootsoutdoor cushion covers diy, and a cute cardigan.? Sounds cozy, right? :)

It sure is a quick way to add a little fun to a simple tee.? And not too tricky either! :)

Sweet Chloe, at least you have one long sleeve shirt to wear this fall.? I may need to grab you a few more. :)

Want to add a Peter Pan Collar to a shirt or two??

First of all, you need to create a collar template, that fits the neckline of your particular Tshirt.? Cut a rounded collar, that fits the contour of your neckline.? Make it extend from the center of the shirt’;s neckline, up to the shoulder seam.? You’;ll use the same template piece for both collar pieces.

Use your paper template to cut out 2 pieces for each collar…;..but add an extra 1/4 inch around all edges as your cutting.? (Or make a new paper template that’;s 1/4 inch bigger around all edges…;and use that as you’;re cutting out your fabric pieces.)

Place two collar pieces together with right sides together and then sew all the way around, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.? Snip the upper curve and cut notches into the lower more rounder curve.? And then cut off the excess fabric at both points. (Why clip corners and curves??)

Then, cut through one of the layers of fabric, right in the center of one side of fabric.

Then, turn the collar piece right side out through this slit in the fabric.? Poke out the corners and round out the edges the best you can.? Iron flat.? Repeat with the other collar piece.

Then, cut a piece of fabric for your buttons to be attached to.? Yours may vary from mine, depending on the size of shirt you’;re using but my strip was about 1 1/4 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches long.? Then, I folded each short end towards the back a 1/4 inch.? And then I folded each side toward the back until the met in the middle.? Iron flat.

Then pin your strip of fabric along the front of the shirt, even with the neckline, and centered in the middle of the shirt.? (Folded edges facing towards the shirt.)

Then, sew in place, right next to the folded edges of the fabric.

Then, place your collar pieces right on top of the neckline and sew them in place, nice and close to the edges of each collar.

Make sure the tips of the the collars meet evenly together.

Then hand sew your buttons in place.

And that’;s it.?

Pretty simple.? But such a cute detail.

Ready for several more?? :)


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personalized gift for kids