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When you have a big, blank wall to fill, your first thought may be a gallery wall. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it’s nice to break up all of that flat framed artwork with something different. Enter baskets,brackets, paint-dipped objectsoutdoor cushion covers diy, wall sculptures, special paint effects and more. It adds an overall statement to the overall design of the home. But the problem lies in the fact that there are so many walls, so much space to decorate, it gets messy and confusing. Which wall to decorate, where to place the products, what will enhance the look? So many questions and so many dilemmas. Here’s a tiny checklist that you can read to get rid of all the confusion :

1- Use wall brackets to bring dimension to your artInstead of just hanging art directly on the wall, why not try propping it up on decorativeWall brackets, It would boost visual interest, and you can change things around whenever you feel like it — framed prints one day, bud vases the next. When hanging a decor in your living room, the item should be placed horizontally as it gives volume. Basically, the hangings, decor items etc should be placed the minimum of handspan from corners. Consider symmetrical placements as that creates visual balance and looks perfect over large furniture and fireplace mantles.2- How much number required A healthy mix of shapes and sizes does this style proper justice, so don’t shy away from blending horizontals, squares, and verticals of varying scales. For a crisp look that leans modern, only use sleek black frames. To achieve a lighter, clean light touch, default to all white instead. And for a finish that’s refreshing and uber-personal, throw all limits out and let your imagination run wild with frames..3- Design &; colorIf only choosing a color palette for your interiors was that easy. Well .... actually, it is! Our palette-perfecting tips explain the colour rules that designers follow and make it a snap to put them to work in your home. With so many options in colours and material, it has become equally important to take care of the colour of the decor item before buying it. Choose the colour that compliments the existing look of the place. Use the bolder tone of colours while choosing decor piece. It appears visually pleasing and enhances the overall look. Consulting experts is always a choice if it gets difficult.4- Use testers Buy testers in a few colors/ shades and paint a large enough area on a few different walls so that you can see how the light hits it at different times of the day. Try your best not to test your paint against white walls cause it will throw the colour off. If you have to, just do a larger test area to get a better feel.

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Spring is finally here and I have a few ?Spring Front Porch Ideas for you to shake off those winter blues. Decorating for spring and my front porch for each season is one of my favorite things. I keep it simple and have found a few shortcuts for quick curb appeal. This past Fall porch was one of my favorites so far with my DIY Indian Corn Wreath.

My boyfriend has many guitars, but until recently, no straps.? This is the prototype of making a guitar strap WITHOUT having to use fixings from a pre-bought strap (which I found common among other DIY guitar straps). I used what I could find around the house: For the Strap: Fabric ?- ?(I used fairly strong cotton) 1 slider buckle ~2.5" wide?- ?(I used one from an old bag) For the Attachment Points: 1 Doc Marten Boot ?- ?(mine were 14 hole but you really only need the top 3 from each side) Strong cord/leather thong 2 belt sliders ~2.5" wide You also need: A sewing machine (or needle & thread if yr feeling industrious) Iron Stanley knife/strong scissors

Our friend Emily from Sproutabl is here with some super helpful tips on how to grow succulents. You know my patio is overvlowing with sculptural succulents. These tips are very helpful, check them out, then make our succulent wreath or succulent trees, or even a succulent crown. Take it away Emily…

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