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outdoor cushion covers diy DIY Magic Carpets geometric cushion covers

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It’;s curious how themes appear in our lives. We find a kernel of one and start thinking about it…;and before we know it, we begin to find?evidence of it in the most unlikely places. So it happened with?Mo Khan’;s brilliant vine?of a diy magic carpet with?power to transport.(It’;s the only really good use we’;ve seen for a hoverboard.) It?got us thinking about diy magic carpets…;

…;which led us to stumble upon?another, rather conceptual form of magic carpet: artist Sebastian Wrong’;s Sigmund’;s Chair, with its reference to Sigmund Freud’;s legendary study where all sorts of dreaming took place…;

accent pillow case baby canvas outdoor

Sebastian Wong

It seems magic carpets?can take various forms…;(Video link here.)


Here’;s ours:

Maira Kalman/The New York Times


And then there’;s the great Emily Dickinson’;s view:

SOME?things that fly there beoutdoor cushion covers diy,— Birds, hours, the bumble-bee: Of these no elegy. ??Some things that stay there be,— Grief, hills, eternity: ????????Nor this behooveth me.There are, that resting, rise.Can I expound the skies? How still the riddle lies!

With loads of cute washi tapes and paper tapes, it is easy to amass a collection quickly. ?I found a bunch of cute, inexpensive paper tapes at Target to kickstart my collection. ?I even found some tape for the kids from the Kid Made Modern Collection. ?These tapes are a lot more paper-like and don’t remove as cleanly. ?I still took a few of my favorite colors to add to my own collection and gave the kids the 5 remaining rolls for crafts.

We’ve long been fans of lighting designer David Weeks beautiful lighting, having been smitten initially with his sculptural Lunette clip-on shades. On December 14th and 15th, Weeks will hold his annual sample sale, where you can buy samples and prototypes of some of his wonderful designs at steep discounts. We won’t be going. We checked out the wattage of the bulbs Weeks’ lights take: max 60 watts for many, and a dim 40 watts for the lovely Shell Sconce, above, as well as the Cement Standing Lamp?and potentially-indespensible?Pearson clip light,both below.

With days getting longer, warmer and shinier, it is time to think of some new clothes to wear this spring and summer! Did you know that linen clothing?are always in fashion? The shapes, cuts, lengths and colors change but the linen fabric itself is always popular. Why is that? Should you consider purchasing a piece of linen clothing? Let me reveal some benefits of pure linen clothes in this post.

personalized gift for kids