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outdoor cushion covers diy DIY Photo Flower Pot (…fun for Mother’s Day!) pillow case baby

Author: admin Updated: 2020-03-08 19:46 Views: 135

Mother’;s Day is about a month away…;..can you even believe that?!? I feel like we should still be having Easter though, so maybe that’;s why it feels strange to be thinking ahead to Mother’;s Day already.? (Easter in March always messes me up!)

Anyway, I’;ve been thinking for a few weeks about my Michaels Maker post for this month, which is all about Mother’;s Day, and I really wanted to come up with something that could be made for your own motheroutdoor cushion covers diy, grandma, or for that special person who has always been like a mom to you!? But I also wanted it to be something you could make for yourself and enjoy in your home to celebrate the people you love, even if you aren’;t a mom in the physical child bearing sense of the word.

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Because wouldn’;t this be so cute for a teenager who wants to add pictures of their best friend?? Or even a collage of your favorite photos of that trip to Italy you took last summer? (Oh, how I wish!)? Or maybe you’;re a pet lover.? Or a photography fanatic.? You really could attach any type of pictures!

But since Mother’;s Day is coming up…;..think of how sweet it would be to receive a pot of freshly blooming plants, with some of their favorite faces attached right to the pot!

Or hey, this would be a fun one for dad and the kids to get involved helping with, to make for mom!? Or grandma!? Or anyone at all! :)

Let’;s get started!


Start by printing and cutting out some photos of your favorite faces.? Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the back of each photo and position onto your pot.? (Make sure the surface is smooth, otherwise it won’;t adhere correctly.)? You can even type out a name/year card like I did…;.and add that as well!

I mentioned up in the supply list that it’;s important to not use a porous pot that hasn’;t been sealed on the surface, because I worry that if the pot sits wet for a few hours, each time you water, the photos will eventually peel off. But if your pot is painted and sealed, that would work just fine, because it provides a barrier between the water and your photos.? Or, you can find a metal pot like mine above (which I purchased at Michaels).

I also had great success using this OUTDOOR Mod Podge.? It’;s a little thicker and seals up super hard…;..and is more durable than your standard Mod Podge.

Make sure your photos have dried to your pot and then add a generous layer of your OUTDOOR Mod Podge over top the photos, overlapping onto the pot.? Let dry completely.

Now it’;s time to fill with some plants and deliver to mom!? Or if you’;ve made a different variety for yourself…;…;enjoy!

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personalized gift for kids