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Wool is a natural, renewable resource and each year millions of sheep across the country are sheared. This wool is then processed into cozy wool-filled comforters, mattress toppers and pillows. We've partnered with Frankenmuth Woolen Mill, Michigan's Oldest Woolen Mill founded in 1894, to make our natural wool mattress topper because of our shared commitment to making natural and healthy bedding. Here we take a behind-the-scenes look at how these quality woolen goods are made using minimal processing and traditional methods.

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Once the wool arrives at the Milloutdoor cushion covers diy, it is processed using 170 degree water and a bio-degradable soap. This method ensures healthy clean fibers that retain much of the wool's natural lanolin. Lanolin is the natural oil found in wool and is what makes it soft and supple.

Many other wool processors strip the wool of its lanolin using a method called "carbonizing". This is a chemical bath of hydrochloric acid and other chemicals used to cleanthe wool which we can all do without. At Frankenmuth Mill, the wool is cleaned naturally without the use of chemicals. After the wool is washed, it is air dried for three to five days depending on the time of year. Once the wool is dried it is then carded on an antique carding machine. The carding machine combs the fibers so that they are almost parallel and creates batting which is the fluffy filling inside the mattress toppers.

The mill’s equipment is over 100 years old and they use no chemicals in their processing. Instead, they use good old-fashioned steam. They believe this to be the purest wool batting available. After carding, the wool is then taken to the tying and sewing room, where it will be made into our mattress topper.

Mattress toppers are then stretched on wooden frames between soft, 200 thread count organic muslin and tied by the in-house professional tying staff. Once tied, they are sewn around the edges, inspected and packaged in a breathable bag and ready to be delivered to you.

Why we love it:

As a natural flame retardant wool is not only non-allergenic, it is also dust mite proof. These qualities make it perfect for people with allergies and skin sensitivity. Additionally, wool acts as a natural insulator to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer for year round comfort. Straps are sewn on each corner to keep the mattress topper in place while you sleep.

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Abby &; Matt Curtis, owners of Frankenmuth Woolen Mills,continue to uphold the commitment to natural, pure, quality and tradition.

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Watch the video about Frankenmuth Woolen Mills here:

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