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Welcome back, my DIY makeover mavens!? Are you just about finished with a room makeover?? As you put the finishing touches on your newly decorated space, does it feel like something is missing?? What about window treatments?? They truly complete the look of a room and yet they can be so difficult to choose and so costly to purchase.? Don’;t get hung up on those designer price tags.? Cutting Edge Stencils has the perfect stencil idea to help you complete your room with the designer look you desire for a fraction of the price.? We strongly feel that a stencil pattern is the perfect way to embellish your window.? That’;s right folks, we spotted our stencil patterns dressing up simple window panels to transform them into fabulous curtains.? Don’;t believe us?? Let’;s take a look…;

Meet Andreaoutdoor cushion covers diy, the fab DIYer behind the blog Andrea Kris Our Chaos.? Let’;s start by showing you what Andrea’;s bedroom looked like before the makeover.

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It’;s a cute master bedroom but it lacked the couple’;s personality and pizazz.? After she completed one DIY project after another, Andrea transformed her bedroom into this:

Looking good, right?? But it still lacked window treatments.? So Andrea put her DIY cap on and decided to stencil our Herringbone pattern on a set of curtains. She purchased simple white Ritva panels ($29.99 per pair) from Ikea and some gold FolkArt paint from her local craft store.? She used blue painters tape to position the stencil on the panel and then painted the design using a dense foam roller.? Andrea says, “;I totally agree with Sherry from Young House Love that curtains/drapery are like eyeliner for your windows. Don’;t you think?”;? We totally agree!

Next we’;d like you to meet Jonie, the DIY craft genius behind the blog Just Between Friends. She had been living in her house for 3 1/2 years without curtains hung up in her family room.? It was a combination of uncertainty and budget that kept her from completing this project.? You see, she had a perfectly fine set of grey curtain panels sitting in her craft room but they were so blah that she couldn’;t bring herself to hang them in her family room.? She also didn’;t want to throw away perfectly good curtains.? That’;s when she had an ah-ha moment.? Jonie says, “;Then the idea of a painted pattern came to me and I knew that is what I needed to do.”;? She selected our Herringbone Stencil and purchased some white all-purpose acrylic paint from the craft store.? After taping the stencil to her old gray curtain panel she painted the striped design.? It was as simple as that and now she has a gorgeous set of curtains hanging in her family room.? We think they look absolutely fabulous!

Can’t get enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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personalized gift for kids