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outdoor cushion covers diy Glow-in-the-Dark Body Pillow- Happy Halloween customized rustic pillow covers

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Looking for a Halloween pillow pal? How about a full-size body pillow with a nearly full size skeleton that glows in the dark?! Extra tall body pillows are popular for crashing on the family room floor, relaxing while texting… I mean studying, and are well known for providing sleep support for pregnant moms. And, if you could have one with great fabric that glows in darkoutdoor cushion covers diy, wouldn’t you want to keep it around for Halloween and beyond?!?Bet you never thought a skeleton could be soft and cuddly.?

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Our pillow cover is designed specifically for the fabric we selected. Of course the cuts and instructions would work with any fabric, but to get the true Halloween huggability of Mr. Bones (not to mention the cool glow in the dark effect), you must have the pieces we link to below.

All the body pillow inserts we found were the listed at the same 20" x 54" size. However, when we measured the actual inserts, we found them all to be a tad bit smaller… some as much as an inch or two. We stayed with the 20” x 54” standard sizing to make this cover as universal as possible. Besides, it’s always better to have your cover a little larger rather than too small.?

As an extra tidy finish, we created an envelope style closure for the bottom of the pillow. This easy fold-and-tuck trick allows you to hide the end of the pillow inside a hemmed pocket. You can use the technique on any pillowcase.

We added a handle along the top. Since it’s such a big pillow, it’s nice to be able to hang it up and out of the way when not in use. Because of the envelope style opening, the pillow form won’t fall out. We left ours hanging for hours and the pillow stayed securely in place the entire time.?

Our pillow cover finishes at approximately 20" x 54”, which is just right to fully enclose a standard body pillow insert

NOTE: Mr. Bones is almost life size, which makes him a bit hard to capture well in one photo. So, we made a mini version to show how the overlap works. The fabric used is the spider web for both the mini accent panel and the mini main panel. Of course on your actual-size version, you’d have two fabrics.?


Project Design: Alicia Thommas ?Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Debbie Guild

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Hello Everyone! Monica Longard?from MonDo Creations, and this is my CCB Creative Crew project for July. I have been super busy at work and wanted to do a project that would be fast and easy since I didn’t want to fall any more behind! I always find that I have lots of scraps of different materials left over when I make my projects, not to mention some left over 7gypsies paper.

personalized gift for kids