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outdoor cushion covers diy How to Embellish a Basic Top and Skirt with Fringe decorative pillow shams

Author: admin Updated: 2020-03-30 09:14 Views: 187

Try this easy fringe trim application to upcycle your existing wardrobe. Follow Leslie Padoll from the 7th Bone Tailoring team and learn techniques for using double needles, fringe trimoutdoor cushion covers diy, and sewing on knits.

Leslie will teach you how to apply fringe tape with a double needle. She also shares how to easily release the fringe once sewn on. Leslie creates an entire outfit by adding the fringe to a cami and sparingly to the skirt top and hem.

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This style is a great way to add movement to a variety of garments already in your closet. Leave your comments below and tell us what you fringed!

All the details about vintage Turkish rugs including where to find them, how they’re cleaned, dyed and more!

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personalized gift for kids