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outdoor cushion covers diy How to Embroider a Stumpwork Design- Free Video Tutorial decorative pillow shams

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When I heard that I could stitch stumpwork on my embroidery machine, one of my first thoughts was, “;What’;s stumpwork?”; It’;s not a technique I knew anything aboutoutdoor cushion covers diy, so –?of course –?I Googled it.

Stumpwork is a type of three-dimensional embroidery in which design components such as flower petals and butterfly wings are stitched separately and edged with wire, then attached to the main motif. In addition, padding may be added under stitches to create dimension.?

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Examples of hand-crafted stumpwork are shown on the cover of Kate Sinton’;s Stumpwork. The bee in the upper right corner alighting on a flower is an excellent example of this technique.

Watch the video to see the entire machine-stitched stumpwork process, from selecting and stitching individual wire-outlined components to assembling the completed motif.

Spring is finally here and I have a few ?Spring Front Porch Ideas for you to shake off those winter blues. Decorating for spring and my front porch for each season is one of my favorite things. I keep it simple and have found a few shortcuts for quick curb appeal. This past Fall porch was one of my favorites so far with my DIY Indian Corn Wreath.

My boyfriend has many guitars, but until recently, no straps.? This is the prototype of making a guitar strap WITHOUT having to use fixings from a pre-bought strap (which I found common among other DIY guitar straps). I used what I could find around the house: For the Strap: Fabric ?- ?(I used fairly strong cotton) 1 slider buckle ~2.5" wide?- ?(I used one from an old bag) For the Attachment Points: 1 Doc Marten Boot ?- ?(mine were 14 hole but you really only need the top 3 from each side) Strong cord/leather thong 2 belt sliders ~2.5" wide You also need: A sewing machine (or needle & thread if yr feeling industrious) Iron Stanley knife/strong scissors

Our friend Emily from Sproutabl is here with some super helpful tips on how to grow succulents. You know my patio is overvlowing with sculptural succulents. These tips are very helpful, check them out, then make our succulent wreath or succulent trees, or even a succulent crown. Take it away Emily…

personalized gift for kids