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outdoor cushion covers diy Madura Summer Friday's Fabulous Fabric funny cushion covers

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Drops of watercolour inks, bursting with lively colours, make this informal and fun cotton print an absolute must for summer décor! Perfect for cushions and accessoriesoutdoor cushion covers diy, as well as eye-catching blinds or a statement piece of furniture, you just can't help but feel cheered-up by this delightful and vibrant print.

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Madura has lots of co-ordinating 'fabric-friends' with both complementary and contrasting personalities, so take a look at just some of our suggestions for suitable 'associates' for Madura from our extensive range of fabulous fabrics:

Tartans and checks all great winter staples in the world of interior design. It's easy to add a plaid rug to the foot of the bed or to use as a throw in the front room to snuggle into during the festive season.

The Color Block Zipper Pouch finishes at 6″ x 6″ square?and features a handy inner pocket with a?D ring to keep hold of valuables.

This is one of those things I never even thought was possible to make myself. Until I tried it. It totally worked! Follow along with the steps to make your own DIY baseball cap in any cool colour or fabric you like. You just need a sacrificial cap for the brim insert, since they seem to be pretty impossible to buy anywhere... Can somebody fix that? Until then, I suggest going to the second hand store and picking the oldest, ugliest cap you can find and giving it a new life!

personalized gift for kids