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outdoor cushion covers diy Magical Christmas Colour Schemes – Monochromatic Black And White funny cushion covers

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Black and white colour schemes are ideal for contemporary interiors. This modern trendy look can create a magical Christmas look to your home which complements your existing monochromatic interior design style. The easiest way achieve this look is to have the latest black artificial Christmas tree! These can be dressed with beautiful white baubles and ornaments which glisten and sparkle! The in-trend is to have quite a small tree with very subtle decorations.

To keeping within the monochromatic colour scheme in your dining room, it would be best to have your table setting the same! Use black plates against a white linen tablecloth and place the latest chandelier style candle holders at either end of the table, in the centre have floral arrangement using natural flowers such as black calla lilies placed in a clear vase with white aqua pebbles.

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If you are going to place your tree in the dining room it will make a stunning focal point against white Venetian blinds or black curtains hung from black metal curtain polesoutdoor cushion covers diy, look out for curtain poles which have white glass end finials to really give your window a festive feel. If you're looking for a retro interior design style using monochromatic black and white opt for ready made curtains which have a 60s style pattern of large concentric circles.

You should also consider lighting, overhead lights can sometimes be too overpowering, turn these lights off and use trendy floor lamps strategically placed to shine on the table so that your guests can see what they're eating and highlight your snazzy tree! Using candles as a great way to create a soft, warm and inviting atmosphere is a good idea, however be candle safe and make sure that you don't place your candles near anything flammable such as curtains or your Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees and the decorations are often highly flammable! Never leave candles unattended if you have small children visiting you this Christmas.

Keeping with your monochromatic black and white magical Christmas colour scheme revamp your seating by using black or white scatter cushions to make your guests feel really welcome! If you are short of seating bean-bags are a great idea, or large scatter cushions which people can lounge about on. If you don't have a Christmas tablecloth you can always use a black or white curtain and place diagonally over the top either black or white sheer ready made voile curtains, which will create gorgeous illusions as the light shimmers through from the chandelier candle holders!

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If you’ve been convinced by glossy magazines that neutrals are boring, we’re here to buck that longstanding myth! Our Ballard Designs stylists prove every day that neutral and washed color palettes can be cozy, warm, and inviting, and we’re going to share with you a few ways we give some of our favorite neutral rooms extra personality and interest!

I had it all backwards. I’ll admit I, I’m not always right, in fact, I’m always learning. When we painted our last home, it completely changed my perspective of it. We waited over two years to paint it, focusing on the inside first. I don’t regret doing so, because we spent countless hours inside those walls, but I always felt myself apologizing for the exterior. As they say, “first impressions are everything” & there wasn’t anything impressive about the exterior of our old home – before we painted it. When it was complete, I felt complete. A sense of pride & accomplishment. I loved driving home & pulling into our driveway.

personalized gift for kids