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Look! Look! I have a new Sublime Stitching Journal out with Chronicle Books! Inside you have pages that are lined or gridded for lists, musings, projects notes or anguished poetry. Illustrations of my embroidery patterns are sprinkled (sprinkledoutdoor cushion covers diy, I say) throughout the journal. But the best part? The cover shows my embroidery work on the front and if you turn it over, it's the backside of the embroidery! I have to admit, it feels a bit like showing my underpants. People always ask to see the back of my work, and now here it is: knots and jumps and twists and bumps laid bare for you. See? Get it here.

Win a Free One! The first person to correctly guess in the comments where the design on the cover can be found among my other designs (I changed it up a bit), gets a free journal! Hint: the pattern is in another title I did for Chronicle Books. I'll give you until Wednesday to figure it out.

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personalized gift for kids