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In every soul appears the heart of a Gypsy: we wander, we travel, we dance and we sing. And while we wander, travel, dance and sing we experience moments— moments that make for memories that last a minute, a day, a month, a year… These moments are those that occur when everyone’s watching, and those that occur when no one’s watching. They’re those special little moments that present themselves in the uniqueness of our one-of-a-kind lives. A point in time that makes you blush, grinoutdoor cushion covers diy, smirk, tear, think, breath, dance, dream, wish, sigh, and helps you realize who you are. ?These moments are Gypsy Moments.

Gypsy Moments are meant to be captured and remembered, no matter how loud, goofy, irresponsible, dramatic, euphoric, regretful or blissful they are. It’s that moment you cheat and get a scone with your “skinny” vanilla latte. It’s that moment where you have the perfect words to say exactly what you need to say. It’s that moment when lady luck is on your side. It’s a day where you keep tripping for no apparent reason. It’s a day filled with moments that make you want to laugh. It’s a day filled with moments that make you want to cry. These moments are so ‘Gypsy.’ Gypsy Moments can be personal, but you can also pay them forward and make a Moment in someone else’s life. How to Capture the Moment: We believe these little moments shouldn’t be taken for granted, rather they should be captured and used to tell your story. 7Gypsies has designed “The Gypsy Moments Collection” to do just that. Capture the moment with a note, sketch or doodle on our Gypsy Moments cards. Store them in our decorative file folders and wooden crates. Display them on trays and other creative surfaces. We believe in documenting the ‘Moments’ in order to let them live on. So go take a chance. Inspire others. Make a difference. Smile really big on the outside. Yell really loud on the inside. Cheat a bit and get that scone. These are all ready to be documented as #gypsymoments.

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7Gypsies is so excited to launch a new creative concept for every-day journaling, Gypsy Moments. We found ourselves seeking an instant, yet creative way to document the little moments that present themselves in the uniqueness of our one of a kind lives— points in time that make us blush, grin, smirk, tear, think, breath, dance, dream, wish, sigh and help us realize who we are. Thus, ‘Gypsy Moments’ was born.

The emphasis of this collection is to incorporate a vintage theme into every-day journaling. For example, the collection includes pre-designed cards that capture how we are feeling at the moment, file folders that organize those moments and vintage crates that store the moments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And of course the line also includes tags, papers, naked items, charms and ephemera that can be used to embellish.

Gypsy Moments are also meant to be shared and to help shape the lives of others. Fill out a Gypsy Moments card and add to a greeting card or slip it onto a co-workers desk at just the right moment to make their day. For more on the Gypsy Moments story, visit

If you are a current wholesaler interested in placing an order for the photo crates please email us at To speak to a representative, call 866-376-9961. For new wholesale accounts, please fill out a wholesale application form and we will be in touch with next steps! ?You can now set up an online wholesale account –; email us today –;

Consumers may place orders at their favorite craft supplies store or online at

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Are you as excited as I am to finally have Erin Paisley's work in the Artist Series? I dunno...I'm pretttty pretty pretty danged giddy about it! >biting nails< I have admired Erin's artwork and embroidery for several years. I'm not the only one -she has quite the fan following. Her work is disarmingly simple and sweet but has a style all of its own.

I am always obsessed with hair products and accessories because I have a lot of curly hair. I am always looking for the next awesome thing to tame this ‘situation.’ ?? Enter the idea for these sparkly bobby pins! You can customize these for your little girl or yourself. Everyone deserves some bling. Let’s get started!

personalized gift for kids