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outdoor cushion covers diy New- HOOP FLAIR Magnetic Needle Minders! personalized rustic pillow covers

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Magnetic needle minders are a thing, and enamel pins are a thing, so...why not make "Hoop Flair" a thing? Okay?then! Ta daa:?Hoop Flair? needle minders! It's a thing. Well, actually Sublime Stitchersoutdoor cushion covers diy, that will be up to you...

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For the uninitiated, a "needle minder" or "needle keeper" is usually?a decorative magnet you attach?to the fabric you're working on. When you need to set your needle down just for a moment (or two), stick it to the magnet. (Oh but, you knew that already.)?

I began?noticing that I never have my pincushion where I need it, and sticking my needle in the arm of the couch isn't that cool, and there's still that one stray needle I?dropped in between the cushions I dread "coming across"...the time for needle minders has entered my life!

When I was in the 6th grade, I had a necklace just like this. You too? Sigh. No? Well who doesn't love hearts and rainbows? (I don't need to know.)

You don't embroider or sew? That's okay, you still have my permission to own one and wear it.?Enjoy!

HOOP ? FLAIR - Magnetic?Needle Minder from Sublime Stitching

I love hot dogs. ? I don’t care what they are made of. ?I just love them. ?So, you certainly have to be a hot dog fan to enjoy this – but if you or your family are, you’ve got to give this one a try.

Is there ANYTHING cuter than an animal on the back of a baby's diaper butt? I think not.

Christopher Satch, resident scientist at New York City–based plant boutique The Sill, added that supplementing office light with a bulb that’s 1,500 lumens will give even better results: “Run the bulb during the workday a foot or two above the plant, and you’re good to go.” It’s best to run the light for a full day, about eight hours, but even a short time is better than nothing. Below, the best cubicle-friendly plants for your desk.

personalized gift for kids