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Perhaps historically considered an old-fashioned fabric found in stuffy, traditional homes, toile is enjoying a modern revival —; and turning heads. The design world’;s new take on toile has something for everyone, from surprising color combinations to reimagined designs. On the runway, the traditional French pattern is being paired with stripes and florals for an updated mix. At home, it’;s covering everything from beds to walls in a variety of decor styles, including French countryoutdoor cushion covers diy, eclectic and even modern.

We’;ve always loved toile for it’;s sheer versatility. There’;s a casual yet elegant flair about it, and today’;s designs add an unexpected mix of pattern and color to any room.

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We gave this classic pattern a floral focus, rather than the traditional pastoral theme, with climbing vines and a variety of gorgeous blooms

So where did Toile come from, anyway? Toile, short for Toile de Juoy, dates back to the 17th century in Jouy-en-Josas, France (hence the name), where Christophe-Phillipe Oberkampf and designer, Jean Baptiste Huet, opened a commercial textile plant amongst great competition. The duo quickly differentiated themselves with highly figural designs depicting French pastoral scenes of the bourgeois (dancing, picnicking, gardening and boating) that reflected the country’;s landscape at the time. The popularity of this fabric surged, and the prolific artisans produced more than 30,000 trademarked designs in their lifetime.

A few hundred years later, and toile is just as loved today all over the world. Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate with the celebrated pattern:

Jardin Toile Bedding may have been inspired by vintage fabrics, but it brings a welcome freshness to the bedroom in soft, romantic colors. In the space above, we mixed our Jardin Toile Bedding in Sandalwood with our Ava Block Print Quilt Bedding, also in Sandalwood.

Our Asian Scenic Toile Wallpaper from the European Chinoiserie tradition finds a whimsical modern approach in a stylish all-over scenic design —; and it comes in four of-the-moment colors.

Even Spot needs a little toile in his life with the Toile Storage Can.

A classic pastoral scene comes to life in our Edinburgh Red Fabric by the Yard. Above, we used it on one of our Gentry Chairs, but it’;s also perfect for pillows!

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If you’re flipping through our Winter 2018 catalog, you’ve probably noticed heavy doses of black and white in all of our rooms. We love using these two neutrals as foundation pieces in our spaces, but they also make great statement pieces too. Basically, we just can’t get enough of this classic combo, so we thought we’d list all the reasons you should love it too.

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