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14k Solid Gold New Two-In-One Hoopdouble earring, Gold Two-In-One Hoopdouble earring, multi spiral piercingdouble earring, silver double piercingdouble earring, gold double piercing earrings



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This hoop works either with a singular, normally pierced ear hole or with a double piercing. Just thread it from the smaller spirial end into your ear hole until it touches the front of your earlobe if you have a single piercing. If you have a double piercing, keep threading the end until it goes through the second piercing. Ta-da! Now you have two hoops in your ear. Made with 14k solid yellow gold wire in 20 gauge. Smaller hoop is 3/8" and bigger hoop measures 3/4" in diameters.Available in different materials here. https://www./listing/105260900/new-two-in-one-hoop-gold-two-in-one-hoop?ref=shop_home_active_58Enjoy!, 14k gold piercing

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