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1 inch, Copper Every Day Hoops - Handmade. Handforged



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"Every Day Hoops" Your go to earrings now available in copper!COMPONENTS:18 gauge pure Copper wire has been cut, filed, hammered, hand formed & hammered again to form a tidy a little 1 inch hoop. LENGTH:Diameter is 1 inchOTHER:* These are MADE TO ORDER. Please check my shop announcement for current production times.* All pieces are lovingly fabricated by my two little hands (with help from a few pair of pliers, a couple of my favorite hammers & my handy torch) in my loft studio on my little farm in Oglethorpe County, GA.Stop by for a visit http://www./shop/jNicDesigns/about/ =)* IMPORTANT: These have been sealed with a wax sealant to slow down the oxidization process which can rub off on the skin - the green marks that copper will sometimes leave on areas of the skin it comes into close contact with. Copper doesn't react with everyone's skin this way as it depends on individual body chemistry & the sealant that was applied will last a good long while but it will eventually wear off & need to be re-applied. If you wipe down your copper jewelry after each use with a soft cloth it will further slow down the oxidization process & extend the life of the sealant. =)Copper is a soft metal and as such these should be treated with care., 1 inch

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