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murano beads, Ruby Tuareg - ruby colored gold-foil murano bead and gold plated brass Tuareg tribal cross earrings



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The \u201cUmoja Collection\u201d consists of an array of unique afrocentric pieces composed of an exquisite m\u00e9lange of beads including but not limited to: African trade beads, mellifiore, pony, red coral, chevrons, lapis lazuli, turquoise, wood and white hearts. I typically utilize sterling silver, gold filled or brass findings as the hardware on each piece but occasionally gold-plated brass will make the cut.\r~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\rA beautifully detailed gold-plated Tuareg tribal cross is suspended from a ruby colored Venetian gold-foil murano round accented by gold plated brass rondelles. Gold-filled earring posts. \r\r\r\rThe Tuareg are Berber nomads and most now live in west Africa, principally Niger, Mali, Algeria, Burkino Faso and Libya. The center of the cross represents God with the four arms of the cross positioned to keep evil at bay through the love of God. Alternately, based on the nomadic tradition of the Tuareg people, many believe the four arms represent conduits for spreading love to the four corners of the world. Like prayer beads used in many religions, the cross is a symbol of one's faith., tuareg cross

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