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jewelry, Egyptian Ceramic Necklace in Purple and Blue Adjustable Length



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This is a unique hand-formed and hand painted ceramic Egyptian style necklace made by Surly Amy at Surly-Ramics. This necklace has one of our large bar or moon shaped pendants.\r\rI have posted a photo of the always beautiful Surly Sue wearing a similar size and shape necklace with a different cord just so you can get a feel for size and how great this piece will look on.\r\rWe stamp every piece on the back for authenticity so you know you're getting an original, high quality, artist made, Surly-Ramics design.\r\rThe ceramic pendant is approx. 4" w x 2" h and has an 14" (7" per side) super soft black faux suede cord, which makes the circumference 18". It also has a four inch extender piece on the end so the length can be extended up to 22 inches. \r\rThe necklace comes packed in a pretty little black box and is perfect for gift giving. (even if the gift is for you!)\r\rYou can find out more info about Surly Amy (YAY!) and Surly Ramics and see our other designs and lots more photos at\r\rThank you for looking and thank you for buying handmade!\r\rAll jewelry designs and images shown are \u00a9 Surly-Ramics\u2122.\r\rQuick link to main shop: http://www./shop/surly, jewelry

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