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This design was inspired by, of all things, the tumors that cause those bulges on trees. When we visited Sweden a few years ago, we spent a lot of time hiking around in the woods near J\u00e4mtland, and we were amazed to see tumor-infested, lumpy trees all over the place. I'm not sure what causes the tumors, but they're pretty cool looking (the trees seemed otherwise healthy). We even brought a piece of one of the branches home with us, so we could practice some woodcarving on it."Tumors" just didn't seem like a very good name for this design, though, so I opted to call it "pods" instead.The Retro Pods cuff is woven using matte opaque Japanese Delica beads in beautiful retro-inspired colors -- brick red and dark green against a pale cream background.Wear this cuff to the office, pair it with your favorite jeans, or wear it out for a special occasion. It's so fun and funky that you'll love wearing everywhere!\u2666 Width: 1-3/4" (45mm)\u2666 Length: Select your wrist size (bracelet will be made ~1/2" (13mm) larger than selected wrist size)\u2666 Closure: Beadwoven loop and toggle\u2666 Technique: three drop peyote...Item #3046 (made to order), forest green

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