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garnet birthstone, Beowulf Gothic Chest Harness - Silver Multi Chain Necklace with Garnet / Edgy Fashion Gothic



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A cascading long silver multi layered necklace is quite breathtaking, this breastplate necklace features silver chain links webbed over the chest of the wearer forming armor over the heart. Wear this silver chain chest armor as a symbol of warrior spirit and inspired by Anglo-Saxon warriors, who wore mailcoats to protect the body in hand-in-hand combat. This silver layered chain forms in the center connected to vintage steel heart shaped connectors that line the front like a spine. Right below the collar bone is a small sterling silver red garnet stone in honor of the blood spilt. The small garnet is celebrates January 's birthstone, and is considered a great gift to symbolize friendship and trust.\u00ab\u00abFeatured Measurements\u00bb\u00bbMain neck chain: 14.5" long, it can be lengthened by choosing an optionThe length from the collar bone to the end of the hanging chains is: 28"Heart chain: .47" x .39"This multi strand armor necklace perfect for layering over a high collar shirt or naked chest.View our Armored Saint Lookbook:, silver heart

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