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Oxidized Sterling Silver Sea Shell Earrings Long Dangling Sea Urchin Post EarringsAnother lovely set from the Thalassic Collection. These darling dangles have been cast, hand assembled and lightly tumbled to a shine. Imagined on a day of tide pooling and designed in my studio, these are a tribute to the myriad sea creatures that make their homes on the California coast. The shell (or test) of the sea urchin is composed of calcium carbonate which form fused, rigid plates. The individual pieces of the earrings are from a part of the sea urchin that is called a tubercle from where the spines would protrude.Cast in solid sterling silver from a found sea urchin shell (no sea creatures were hurt in the process). As pictured, the earrings measure 2.8cm (just over 1 inch) long and each circle is about 8mm in diameter. Available oxidized to a gunmetal gray or shiny (as shown in the last picture)Please allow up to two weeks for creation prior to delivery, as these are made upon order.A word about oxidized silver: This is a thin layer that forms on the surface of silver by long exposure to air (oxidation) or through a chemical process. Also known as a patina, it is not a permanent coloration. With normal wear the coloring will eventually transform, offering your piece a truly unique finish., post earrings

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