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jewelry, tiny dopamine necklace in solid 14K yellow gold



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Dopamine is a symbol of love, passion, and pleasure. Dopamine is an important part of our reward pathway - encouraging and motivating us to move forward and reach for goals. This pretty, petite charm features the shape of this wonderful neurotransmitter dopamine. It's perfect for people who like their jewelry subtle, elegant, and imbued with meaning. It also makes a wonderful layering necklaceAs shown in the last photo, this necklace is available in (left to right):14K solid yellow gold14K solid rose goldsolid sterling silveralso, not pictured: 14K gold plate/fillThis listing is for the 14K solid yellow gold version. The molecule part of the charm is about .5 inch long and the loops adds another eighth inch. The charm dangles from a thin 14K solid gold 16 or 18 inch cable chain that closes with a spring ring. (BTW: If you look closely, you will notice that the chain is a right-handed double helix, like DNA.)It comes in a pretty, recycled gift box with a card about dopamine, and makes a wonderful, meaningful gift for someone special.......I'm scientist-turned-artist Raven Hanna of Made With Molecules. I hand-make original, high quality jewelry and use Earth-friendly and people-friendly business practices. I live and work in a solar-powered sugarcane shack on the flank of an active volcano in Hawaii, and I donate a percentage of profits to environmental and science education nonprofit organizations. Please take a look at other molecular jewelry offerings in my shop. http://molecularmuse., girl geek

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