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Skeleton dancer pin brooch: wire-wrapped bones from cleaned owl castings, jasper bead "body", carved oxbone head,vintage gold bar pin.We're still partway 'round the year from Halloween, but that's really what the skeletons are about--death, rebirth, seasonal cycles. So for those who think of Halloween all year, or just like skeletons, and/or see the elegance of bones, here's another skeleton from my closet!Autumn is a time of transition, a time when the ancients worried about the sun dying as the land seemed to be. In every northern culture there are rituals both to honor and propitiate the ancestors and to beg the sun to return. As the world turns colder and darker around us, most of these rituals involve fire in some form, along with effigies of the dead, often in the form of skulls and/or skeletons and sometimes supplies for their existence in the afterlife. In addition to honoring the ancestors, many of the celebrations, in the tradition of the ancients, mock death itself, regarding it not as an end, but, like winter, as a transition to another life.About halfway between the fall and winter equinox in Europe and the Americas we find Samhain, Guy Fawkes Day, All Hallows\u2019 Eve/Halloween, All Saints\u2019 Day, and El Dia de los Muertos. China has the Full Moon Festival, when lanterns are everywhere and farmers still burn their fields. In Japan, Bon Odori honors the dead with candles floated on rivers and lakes. In India, Pitrapaksh, honors ancestors, Durga Puja celebrates a mythical victory of good over evil, and Diwali, the new moon day in October or November is a festival of lamps and firecrackers. And this is just the stuff I know about---I\u2019m sure there are many more.So, in the spirit of the season, I\u2019d like you to meet some of my latest creations, Ofrendas. These skeletons, crones, and other seasonal characters are full of life while reminding us that it is only part of the cycle. This little skeleton is, except for the jasper bead forming his "body" and his carved oxbone skull, totally made of the wire-wrapped bones of small creatures from cleaned owl castings. I don't know exactly which bones are from which creatures, and what looks sort of like a beak on his head may be someone's upside-down jawbone, but, for a skeleton, I think he looks pretty together. He's not as fragile as he looks, but will probably take some extra-careful packing and should be kept out of bathtubs, swimming pools, and the reach of children and pets. He's just over 4 1/2" hanging from a vintage pin.Copyright:Artist reserves all rights protected under the United States Copyright Act in all artwork prints/or other products purchased by the purchaser. The sale of a given artwork does not include any assignment, transfer, or license to purchaser of the right to reproduce, modify or create derivative works of any artwork and/or product, unless such right is expressly granted in writing by the artist.Thanks for joining us on The Creative Block. We\u2019re happy to see you shopping or just browsing here any time, hope you\u2019ve found something you love and/or gotten new ideas, and would love to have you fan our Facebook page, The-CreativeBlock And when you\u2019re done, do check out our supply shop, www./shop/FindingsbyLeslietsy for useful and interesting components for your own creations., dia de los muertos

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