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Tribal Natural Seeds and Bean Sophistication Eco-Friendly Wearable Art Necklace - Tribaltribal, Ethnic with Style



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This design is ethnic, classic, and contemporary. The tambari\u00fa seed, known in the US as pacara earpod, has a unique redish/brown color, very earthy. This is a fun necklace that can be worn with jeans and t-shirt or in more formal occasions -- it would look beautiful with a simple black dress, for example. Other components: sterling silver and crystal quartz.18 inches long / sterling silver lobster claspabout the seed: tambari\u00fa or orelha de negro / pacara earpod / Enterolobium contortisiliquumThe wood of the tambari\u00fa tree is used for boat building, crating and plywood. Fauna uses it fruits for food. It has rapid growth and it is excellent for reforestation., seeds

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