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Known as Ear Sweeps or Ear Climbers, these handcrafted post earrings have a long curved post that goes through your standard piercing and fits along the back of your ear. You simply slide them in and adjust the post as needed for a secure fit. They are very comfortable and lightweight. Opal is a birthstone for October.My ear sweeps are freshly made in sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal Beads and sterling silver beads. I carefully round the end of the post and burnish the entire piece for hardness and shine.Choose the white opal colored crystal pictured in the main photo or design your own! Choose your crystals from the pictured chart and let me know your choices in the Message to Seller box upon checkout.Shop more Ear Sweeps: https://www./shop/WireYourWorld?section_id=15381381&ref=shopsection_leftnav_2Shop more Ear Cuffs: http://www./shop/WireYourWorld?section_id=11110827Wire Your World main Shop Page: http://www./shop/WireYourWorldAll designs are \u00a9 Cynthia Lariviere 2007 - 2017, opal earrings

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