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goat, Black Dappled Boer Crystal Necklace-Hand Painted



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This necklace is a very unique piece of wearable art with a Black Dappled Boer Goat painted on it. The rectangular shaped stone is a clear crystal and is suspended on a 20" string of glass seed beads with lobster claw clasp for easy on and off. The crystal is about 1 5/16" X 1" X 3/16" with simulated pearls, crystal ovals and comes in a white jewelry card. I have several friends that raise Boer Goats and I have been to Boer Goat Shows as well. The Boer Goat is a meat goat breed that originated in South Africa and gains weight quickly while grazing and browsing on grass, shrubs, weeds and trees. Dappled Boer goats have become quite popular and the color combinations are quite varied and interesting.The paint used is oil based enamel for it's extreme durability and sealed with a waterproof sealer. Each piece of jewelry is unique and different from others that I have painted, just like a piece of sculpture or painting, a true piece of ART., pearl

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