Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pastel Rainbow Collection: Amethystgreen, Blue Lace Agategreen, Green Fluoritegreen, Lemon Quartz & Rose Quartz Anklet Silver Plated Chain 9 inches



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This elegant item is made from a string of Stonesand Silver Plated Chain. The nuggets range in sizefrom 6mm x 6mm to 13mm x 7mm.The stones are: * Amethyst * Blue Lace Agate * Green Fluorite * Lemon Quartz * Rose Quartz Note: Items in the Pastel Rainbow Collection are soldseparately.The Anklet can be connected to the necklaces, orbracelets in the collection. The stones are spaced tominimize disruption in the design. The earrings with leverback earwires can be worn as a pendant. The other items have silver plated swivel lobster clasps. These are beautiful and luxurious looking items that can be worn in a variety of styles., blue lace agate

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