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red, Red heat-colored copper and polished brass earrings



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Handmade geometric earrings with heat colored deep purple-red copper and polished brass dangles. 1.6" long. The back piece is copper, colored by heating the metal till it glows. The colors are a natural effect of the heat. The front piece is polished brass. The two pieces swing independently.Heat treated copper will never come out the same way twice, so there are just two pairs in this style available, one with more orange in the red, one with less.Earwires are 14/20 gold-filled: a heavy layer of gold wrapped around a base metal core.Our classic geometric earrings with patinaed brass or copper shapes swinging freely along with polished brass have been a favorite for many years. We created them to be an affordable, elegant, but ever-changing set of designs. Since we create them only in small quantities, they never get stale, we never get bored with them, and our customers can always find a style to suit them., geometric

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