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This is a fun new take on my popular Wraparound ring! This ring makes a gorgeous, delicate and minimalist cocktail ring.This noticeable, trend-setting ring is made of thin, lightly hammered Sterling Silver metal.I wrap a long length of Sterling Silver around four times and securely solder it at two points. Then I lightly hammered the ring for a bright, reflective shine.The beauty of this ring lies in its organic shape. I can never create the same wrapped effect twice, which means that every ring I make will be totally unique and individual to you. This ring will look slightly different from every angle. Choose a thin 1mm version or thick 1.5mm version at checkout.This listing is for ONE SINGLE Curved Wraparound ring in STERLING SILVER._+ Available In 14K Gold-fill (sold separately): https://www./listing/545071428/new-curved-wraparound-ring-in-gold-fill+ Available In 14K Rose Gold-fill (sold separately): https://www./listing/558866569/new-curved-wraparound-ring-in-14k-rose_________Every piece is organic and unique -- no two rings are exactly alike.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *See a full description of all the shipping services I offer (domestic and international) in my Policies section here: http://www./shop/hannahnaomi/policy* * INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: There may be customs taxes/fees due upon delivery. These are your responsibility and vary between countries. Please contact your local post office for more info. Unfortunately there is no way for me to know whether your order will be taxed and/or how much it will cost. In my experience, these countries commonly tax USA-made products most often: Germany, the UK, the Netherlands. * *I apologize for the inconvenience!* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Come visit me on:Twitter + Instagram: @itshannahnaomiFacebook:* * Take a look inside my studio to see how your Hannah Naomi jewelry is made:, silver stack ring

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