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Pink Necklacesand blasted, Dichroic Pendantsand blasted, Glass Jewelrysand blasted, Necklace Includedsand blasted, A6



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The glass stone in this beautiful pendant measures approximately 1 3/8" by 15/16" and has a sterling silver plated tube style bail attached. The pattern in this glass was sand blasted on to the glass, and then coated with dichroic. When fired, and left un-capped with clear, it leaves a beautiful satin and shiny textured dichroic surface. The base glass is pink and aqua dichroic on top. This pendant includes a black leather necklace cord, sterling silver plated necklace or silver mesh chain.Thank you for looking in my shop. All of my pendants and earrings will arrive in a gift box.I do my best to accurately photograph my work so you will be happy with your purchase. Dichroic Glass changes colors with different lighting and different angles, therefore making it difficult to photograph. You must see my dichroic pieces in hand to appreciate the color and depth of each piece. They are so much more beautiful in person, than in the must see to appreciate. Thanks, and I hope you find something special for yourself or for someone special., art

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