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birdseye maple, woodgrain ring BIRDSEYE MAPLE sterling size 8



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Birdseye MapleThe latest of the sterling woodgrain ring series, this wide ring has tons of intricate detail.This unique ring is a collaboration between my husband & I. He is also an artist, a painter & printmaker, so he has applied his engraving techniques the the wax ring band I gave him.this ring was carved directly into wax, engraved with hand drawn faux bois texture, and then cast directly into sterling silver using the lost wax process. solid sterling. I have oxidized this ring to give the engraved lines a dark finish, and then the surface was wire brushed to highlight the wood grain texture. *listing is for one ready to ship size 8 "BIRDSEYE MAPLE" ring only. This band is wide at 8 1/2 mm wide. (so you may want to consider a slightly larger size)Handmade in NY.thanks for looking, bark ring

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