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june birthstone, Rainbow Moonstone June birthstone Poison Ring Bali Sterling Silver Locket Ring (AR10)



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This intricate .925 Sterling Silver Poison Ring. You can open it and store your favor treasures. May hold a small pill inside. put a scented tiny cotton ball, or mint, lavender, etc. Ring size various and stone color is limited, Please use pull down menu to select. Stone: Rainbow Moonstone (We use natural stone. The stone may view lots color from one corner and might not have any color from different corner. It may appear colorless, milky or flashy, there might be little inclusion within the stone).Dimension of the outer oval locket face: 15mm x 12mmDimension of the inner locket space: 11mm x 9mm"925" is stamped on the back of the inner ring.All items are lead and nickel free, they are sterling silver, not silver plated or silver filled. All jewelry ship with jewelry box and gift wrapped., container

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