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THE SEA GLASS: These sea glass in these handsome cufflinks was beachcombed by me from a shore along the majestic Pacific Ocean shoreline. I live and walk the beach along a stretch infamously known as the "Pacific Ocean Graveyard" for its rugged shore and many historical shipwrecks. The rare, cornflower blue is likely to be from antique bottle glass. These are guaranteed vintage pieces that have been tumbling at least 40 - 70 years.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GIFT BOX & CARD: They will come in a cottoned lined a gift box and on a card that tells the short story of sea glass and gives the name of the ocean the pieces were beachcombed from.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MEASUREMENTS AND MATERIALS: The sea glass pieces each measure about 1/2" long. They are set by hand into the heavy, sterling silver cufflink inlays.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------QUALITY: All of the West Coast Sea Glass jewelry pieces are made of authentic beach glass that's never altered or artificially tumbled in any way. This gives each piece history and a unique story. Our sea glass is placed into our artistic jewelry in the same ocean tumbled shape that it was beach combed in.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEACH PHOTO: Cornflower blue sea glass on beach. Hapuna, Hawaii - Copyright Mary Beth Beuke, sterling silver

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