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Absolutely gorgeous Spiralite Fossil Druzy Shell Sterling Silver pendant~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPIRALITE GEMSHELLS- CRYSTALS OF POWERThis recent discovery of Spiralite Gemshells from India blur the lines between fossils and crystals, between organic life and crystal life.In Sanskrit, they are known as Dakshinavarti ( left hand coiling) stone shells, and are associated with the Hindu God Vishnu, the Great Preserver. The association is quite appropriate, for as we shall see, the energetic properties of these stones have much to do with the preservation of life. The name that has been coined for these specimens is Spiralite Gemshells. This describes two of the main characteristics- their formation through the petrification of ancient spiral form sea shells and their new incarnation as high quality Agate and Druzzy crystals.These new crystals are gems, much rarer and more beautiful than many other gemstone materials. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spiralite Gemshells carry the energies of the Great Spiral, on the the fundamental forms of existence. From the mathematical spirals of fractal geometry, to the physical swirls of ferns and mollusks, from the Spiral Dance of ancient cultures to the spiral galaxies that populates the Universe, this pattern is fundamental and sacred. To work with the Spiralite Gemshells is to bring this pattern powerfully into one's vibrational field, and to invoke its eternal sacred energies.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The infusion of Life Force engendered by Spiralite Gemshells can be beneficial to those recovering their vitality after an injury or illness. It can also lend added stamina to the performance of athletes, through its energizing effect on the etheric body. It enhances one's psychic capacities, especially in regard to rapport with other living creatures. On the highest level, Spiralite Gemshells support the preservation of life, they are powerful crystals of longevity, and can "teach" the spiritual aspect of one's DNA to evolve itself while retaining its essential stability. They resonate well with DNA, perhaps because both are crystalline spirals. With prolonged used, Spiralite Gemshells can be used to unlock dormant spiritual potentials frozen in non-activated parts of our genetic code. They are truly stones of self-actuated evolution, on the spiritual, etheric and physical levels., attunement

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