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rings, 5mm Gold TierraCast 16 Gauge Jump Ring #RJA051



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5mm cadmium and lead free brass jump rings with gold color plating. 16 gauge wire. Measurements given are inner diameter.Made by TierraCast in northern California using 22 karat gold and fine silver (99.9%) plating. Current manufacture.Sold 10 or 100 or 1,000 pieces per package.Also available in:Silverhttps://www./listing/610283445/5mm-silver-tierracast-pewter-16-gaugeBlackhttps://www./listing/610284645/5mm-black-tierracast-pewter-16-gaugeAntique Copperhttps://www./listing/610284787/5mm-antique-copper-tierracast-pewter-16Antique Brasshttps://www./listing/610284951/5mm-antique-brass-tierracast-pewter-16Rhodiumhttps://www./listing/596443960/5mm-rhodium-tierracast-pewter-16-gaugeCheck out our Etsy Shop to discover a huge world of new and vintage beads, chains, sequins, crystals, stones and other jewelry and fashion goodies! https://www./shop/GeneralBead, 16 gauge jump rings

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